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Sipcam Agro Solutions LLC’s capabilities include the processing of customized concentrates, powders and granules.


In addition to the traditional toll services, Sipcam Agro Solutions offers specialty process development improvements and formulation enhancement development.


What makes us different?

We can improve the process that you currently run or we can modify your formulation...a unique offering for a third-party toll producer.

Top six reasons to partner with Sipcam Agro Solutions

Cost Advantages

We have a full-time staff dedicated to procuring large quantities of raw and packaging materials for use in our own products and our customers’ products.  We offer buying power as a potential cost advantage for those customers wanting a complete turnkey quote.

Efficient Logistics

Our Waynesboro and Shubuta locations are convenient to major highways (I-84 and I-45), railways and airport (Waynesboro Municipal Airport), and are well staged for shipping and receiving via the Gulf of Mexico. Our customers have the advantage of consistent and economical access to 200,000+ sf of warehousing, and our efficient shipping and receiving systems. Combined, our facilities receive and ship more than 40,000 truckloads of product annually.

Employee Safety

Employee safety is a key element in Sipcam Agro Solutions’ continued commitment to creating a safe work environment for all our employees, visitors and contractors. The rules are built upon the experience of the industry and are tailored to meet our job-related requirements and help us protect each employee, contractor or visitor and strengthen Sipcam Agro Solutions’ Safety Culture.

Custom Technology

We customize:

  • Suspension Concentrates (SC)

  • Aqueous Concentrates (AC)

  • Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC)

  • Wettable Powders

  • Impregnated Granules

  • Water-Dispersible Granules (Pan and Extrusion)

Experienced Workforce 

Sipcam Agro Solutions is fortunate to have an experienced team with vast technical expertise.  Our professionals are multi-skilled and efficient in managing and executing the creation of highly complex products through efficient processes, systems and specification conversions fundamental to custom formulation and packaging.

Quality and Inventory Control

Our Quality Control Lab operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is staffed with specialized chemists and trained technicians. We also have pilot plant equipment for testing and modifying formulations for improved product performance for our customers, if needed.

Our lab capabilities include:

  • Gas chromatography

  • High performance-liquid chromatography 

  • Moisture analysis

  • Wet sieves and Dry sieves

  • Malvern liquid and dry particle size analyzers

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